Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Digital designer's plight debated at ISSCC - Digital designer's plight debated at ISSCC is just full of ideas on the future of careers in circuit and logic design.

I was surprised that there doesn't seem to be that large a market for digital circuit design, as "clever" techniques like domino logic prove to be too power-hungry.

There will be opportunities in mixed signal circuit design or for "those engaged in synthesis and place and route". That's fine by me, as the latter is my area of expertise.


Sandeep said...

I think as chip designs are pushed beyond 65 nm, the lines between digital and analog logic will keep on blurring.
Think of synthesis tools that know that generating a ripple-adder in a particular case will cause too much leakage.

However, I (and the rest of my comrades!) are betting that working at system level will be where today's digital designers will work tomorrow

John said...

Thanks Sandeep. With respect to "working at system level", do you read the
Chips and BS blog?
It covers ESL.
The author is an "informed partisan", from one of the ESL design companies.