Friday, February 24, 2006

Analysis & Solution of the American Engineering Crisis

OK, the post's title is grandiose, but it caught your attention. Humorous, satirical, but with a big grain of truth:

"Americans, it seems, have also grown too lazy to bother obtaining an electrical engineering or computer science degree.

How this surprises anyone is beyond me. You can float through four years of undergraduate classes sucking beer out of co-eds' navels, pick up your philosophy degree and then head to law school. Or, if you're one of those pathetic young Democrats, you can pretend to work hard at your politics classes, shoot a few rounds of golf for the school team and then whore yourself for millions in Washington. Less ambitious types can work hard enough in a grade inflation rich system to interest a Fortune 2000 company, flag down an MBA and then spend thirty or so years collecting a nice paycheck.

You'd have to be a real expletive to try and succeed in the difficult engineering and science classes"

America can lick the Asian peril by training Mexican smarties


Sandeep said...

As for me.. I prefer the co-eds!!

control valves said...

Thanks for the information, I like your take on blogging.