Monday, May 23, 2005

Line blurs between graphics IC and CPU

I've been wondering about the role of the NVIDIA GPU vs. the Cell processor in Sony's Playstation 3, and this article explores some of the tradeoff possibilities. Both chips can do high-powered vector processing. Apparently the Xbox 360 and ATI GPU have similar opportunities for sharing the workload. The ATI multi-die packaging is unique. (Is that good or bad?)

SYNTHESIS:'Topological' tool improves postlayout timing, area

This could be a welcome breakthrough by Synopsys Design Compiler: 'Topological' tool improves postlayout timing, area. Also, see the Synopsys Press Release. It isn't new to include placement with synthesis (that's what Physical Synthesis is), but if they include this in DC-Ultra logic synthesis, it's easy to use, and it correlates to Layout, then that's a big win.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Console Wars! Playstation 3 doubles Xbox 360 performance

It's going to be interesting watching the next generation of game consoles come out next year. All three vendors provided previews of their systems in the last week, see - Playstation 3 doubles Xbox 360 performance. It's exciting the NVIDIA is partnered with such a successful leader in Sony. There is some description of the NVIDIA "RSX" graphics chip in the article. Onward! Update: PlayStation 3 stats spotlighted

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Silicon Design Systems Delivers Next-Generation Router

Silicon Design Systems Delivers Next-Generation Router. Well, it is a press release, but it certainly sounds like a novel routing approach. Would be interesting to learn more. Also novel is the company's heritage: originally a design services firm, they've now decided to develop EDA tools. Although EDA can be a small market, there's potential for higher margins (and possible acquisition) that company's can't enjoy as a "services" firm.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Atrenta RTL Analysis Products

I've become interested in RTL checking (linting) tools, and Atrenta has one of the most comprehensive offerings. They have introduced a new set of products (some repackaged from SpyGlass) and the new product family is called "1Team". 1Team:Analyze 1Team:Verify SpyGlass� Constraints Demonstration Update: In addition to the above company press releases, here's an overview by Richard Goering @ EE Times. - VERIFICATION: Atrenta adds analysis to suite of 'predictive' tools

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Toshiba Demonstrates Cell Microprocessor Simultaneously Decoding 48 MPEG-2 Streams

On of the most-hyped chips on the horizon is the Sony/Toshiba/IBM Cell Microprocessor. Will it render today's microprocessors and graphic chips obsolete? It is slated to go into Sony's Playstation 3 (along with an NVIDIA GPU) and also many other consumer electronics applications. An early demonstration of the chip is reported in Toshiba Demonstrates Cell Microprocessor Simultaneously Decoding 48 MPEG-2 Streams -- Tech-On!. Especially interesting is the interview linked at the bottom with Sony's "Father of the Cell Chip".