Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Building Blocks of EDA

Some of the unsung enablers of EDA innovation are the companies providing building blocks for common infrastructure tasks. Especially if you're a startup trying to bootstrap an innovative algorithm idea, it's crazy to develop yet another HDL parser or schematic viewer. I was reminded of these products as I read the latest press release from Verific Design Automation, which produces rock-solid HDL front ends for a number of commercial and in-house EDA tools.

The original player in this market was Interra Systems. A great schematic front end is GateVision, available from Concept Engineering. Are there any other major infrastructure providers I've overlooked?

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Sean Murphy said...

I would count Highland for the Highland License Manager that ultimately became Flex-LM and Platform Computing's LSF. Two older providers for EDIF interoperability were Engineering DataXpress and E-tools (now Elgris).