Friday, November 13, 2009

That Light at the End of the Jobs Tunnel

Recently I posted some hopeful anecdotes about the job market for semiconductor design engineers.

Now I read Tech layoffs continue, despite signs of economic improvement and it makes me feel my prior observations are the exceptions to the rule. What's your sense of the current job market? I'm hoping that my new found pessimism represents "capitulation", that point when hope is lost, and marks the nadir of a market or trend.


Sean Murphy said...

I think it continues to get worse from a total employment perspective, at least in Silicon Valley, until mid-2010. At this point you have to look at total employment because the unemployment numbers don't count those who have given up and are no longer looking. See for example WSJ Nov-12: Employment in Technology Sector Stuck in a Slump and James Pethokoukis: 12 Reasons Unemployment is going to at least 12 percent.

Market Research Reports said...

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