Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting to DAC

There has been no end of posts about "going to DAC", what to see, what's hot, etc. But, how to actually get to the venue? Since I'll be making the trek solo from Silicon Valley and am phobic about the hassle and expense of driving and parking in SF, I'll share some public transportation research.


Caltrain provides service on the San Francisco Peninsula. Here's their schedule. If you catch one of the "baby bullet" express trains, it's less than an hour from San Jose to San Francisco. Fares from San Jose are

One Way $7.75
Day Pass $15.50

From the Caltrain station in San Francisco, you'll need to get to Moscone Center. In previous years, DAC ran a shuttle for this, but I don't see any notice of it this year. You can either walk or take the city bus. It's only a one-mile walk, so I plan to try this and count the back and forth as my exercise for the week. Google has a nice map showing both the walking route and links to bus schedules, if you prefer. View Larger Map


Bay Area Rapid Transit has stations on the Peninsula and East Bay (Fremont is nearest to Silicon Valley) and can take you to Montgomery Station, only 3.5 blocks from Moscone Center. The One Way fair from Fremont to Montgomery Street is $5.60.

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