Monday, April 06, 2009

Why Functional Programming Matters

I've always been a wannabe hardcore software engineer (it was my emphasis for my M.S.), but in reality, am JAPH.

Nevertheless, I enjoy keeping up with new software development methodologies and languages. As far as fluency, I'm in the age of Java and OOP, but I enjoyed this clear explanation of Why Functional Programming Matters in the "Daily Vim" blog.

Even if you aren't interested in new languages just for the sake of it, this snippet shows why it's relevant to strong emerging trends in CPUs, GPUs, and productive programming paradigms:

At this point, the resounding question in your mind is probably, "why bother?" Well, fortunately there's a very strong reason behind all this shifting of methodology, and that's concurrency.


Anonymous said...

aha. at last.. welcome to the dark side

John said...

Nice blog post, Sandeep! You are ahead of the curve.

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