Thursday, January 31, 2008

CDNS, Like a Rock

The Market has really hammered some tech stocks (SPWR and VMW come to mind) this year, and today is Cadence's turn. Shares are down 32% today, after last evening's earnings announcement.

It's the "usual" story of decent historical financial results (Earnings meeting expectations, Sales a bit short), but the dreaded "weak guidance" for the future.

I'll be looking for the conference call transcript to see if the poor outlook is blamed on a weak overall economy or semiconductor industry, or if it seems to be particular to Cadence or certain product lines.

Update: Management's Earnings Conference Call Remarks are here. There's no specific information about company or product weakness. Rather, it says

As a result of our discussions with customers in Q4, and our assessment of an increasingly aggressive pricing environment that we have not seen during the past few years, we believe it is prudent to plan our 2008 business conservatively.
The current environment is more uncertain and the value discussions are longer and are harder than in the past several years. However, our strategy is intact, our technology has never been stronger, and we are dedicated to preserve the value of the solutions we are providing to customers.

Sounds like it's those darn stingy customers causing the problem. :-)

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Sandeep said...

u gotta know how to pry cash out of their cold, dead fingers - maybe compelling technology to knock their pants off oughta do the trick!