Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008 Technology Winners and Losers

No, I am not talking about tech stocks! Please, let's not talk stocks so far in 2008. :-(

Instead, I refer you to IEEE Spectrum magazine's list of "winning" and "losing" technologies.

For chip geeks, a particularly good one is The Ultimate Dielectric Is...Nothing, highlighting IBM's research to create a vaccuum between chip interconnect. Not only is the technology very cool, but I'm really impressed by the writing in this article. The author is able to explain things like photolithography and crosstalk in layman's terms. Take a look; it's a nice piece of work.

I am so impressed by the cutting edge semiconductor R&D done at IBM and Intel. They are constantly pushing the envelope and competing very ably with giant foundries like TSMC. It's surprising that these tech heavyweights don't do more COT (foundry) business. I wonder if it's a lack of ability to set up the business and customer service, or a lack of desire, i.e., that they have more profitable things to do with their fabs.

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