Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Legend of Test

Peggy Aycinena did a fine interview with Tom Williams, truly one of the giants in the field of Test. The guy invented full-scan DFT in the 1970s! Can you believe that? It's remarkable that his career spans 40 years, and he's been productive throughout. He's published many seminal Test papers, and has received the "Best Paper" award at DAC.

Be sure to go to the last page and see a list of his self-selected most important papers.

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John said...

Hey JohnB:

I just got back from vacation, and skimmed through the article - very cool. It's good to see Test get a front-page shout from EDA Cafe. Doesn't happen often.

Williams has certainly had a great career, and we're all indebted to him (every time we type 'compile -scan').

Something that struck me reading the article - Ms. Aycinena referred to Test as both "Golden Child of EDA" and "almost provincial in its separation from the larger world of Design". I'm still trying to figure out what this means, but I'd guess that, even if it still is (which I'm not sure I'd agree that it is), Test will never be provincial again...

I'm sure I'll post something over at DFT Digest on the subject.

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