Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hither ASIC

q.v. my earlier posting Whither ASIC, EE Times just ran a story on the declining activity in the ASIC business.

It's a thorough survey of what's happening in the business. I agree that designs need to see more IP reuse -- the extreme case is to use an ASSP. And I'm skeptical of Structured ASIC, and it seems the market has also given that idea the thumbs down. But the article didn't mention the trend of more fabless companies finding ways to do COT rather than ASIC design, possibly through "virtual ASIC vendors" like eSilicon or Open Silicon.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to finally find a blog that covers the ASIC space. It's true that companies such as LSI Logic and NEC have not done well with Structured ASICs but that doesn't mean that the technology has no merits. In fact, many companies have adopted Structured ASICs very nicely to get to market quickly with little cash outlay and minimal risk. Now since Structured ASICs are based on the concept of a pre-configured platform, not all customers are able to take advantage of them but when they do, it can be the difference between being a market leader with increased market share and profitability on one hand and being a follower with lower profit margins. You should ask the folks at ChipX about this.

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