Friday, February 09, 2007

A Taste of DesignCon

I didn't go to DesignCon, but Gabe did, so let's sample his DesignCon Morsels.

What's nice is the variety of topics he touches on:

  • The lack of interest in ESL vs. design implementation, and why engineers are being short-sighted by not getting into architecture.
  • Thermal performance, an interdisciplinary problem. When I've been involved in thermal analysis, the biggest problem is coming up with a credible power consumption figure. It's back to the "vectors" problem, and what's a representative (or worst-case) simulation?
  • Is DFM for Designers?
  • Fewer students are going into Engineering. And engineers "get no respect", as Rodney Dangerfield would say.

Thanks Gabe, for the synopsis!


Sandeep said...

Seems everyone is a bit too worried about power.
And that worry is getting to be contagious over here!

John said...

"Power" is getting lots of attention, but I think it's deserved. And EDA tools for low-power seem more tangible than those for DFM or especially ESL!