Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CAD Engineer's Bookshelf

Inspired by the DFT Bookcase over at the DFT Digest blog, I decided to create pointers to the technical books I use every day in my work. (Yes, I looked the ones strewn about my desk and next to the computer, rather than those arranged neatly (and less used) on my bookshelf. Perhaps you'll discover a title or two that will help you.

Great book for learning Perl -- it's how I learned, going through it from cover to cover. And I still use it for a basic reference.
A surprisingly useful book. I can't count the number of times that I needed to solve some puzzle in Perl, and found it already grokked in this book.
Lots of good ideas here. When you are going to pick a coding style, why not follow what they've already figured out?
My newest addition. I'm enjoying working through it to learn about references, packages, and object-oriented Perl.
Programming Perl is the "bible", though personally it's not my favorite. And I find Larry Wall's humour distracting.
My go-to book for Tcl.
Because, sometimes, a good ol' shell script is enough.


Anonymous said...

Very cool - I'm flattered to have inspired you to create your own bookshelf!

And I like your selection: I'm quite the Perl junky myself! it's true that the text-booky titles that I have are not your everyday 'go-to' books.

The ones I go to most often are Perl (the camel book), and believe it or not, a yellowed copy of a unix system V reference for when I get a brain cramp and can't remember a simple command...


Randal L. Schwartz said...

Thanks for throwing a couple of my best-selling books on your "shelf".

Anonymous said...
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