Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tell Us What You Really Think of Marketing


James Colgan said...

It's not "marketers" that use/created that term. I think you're referring to what is more commonly called "idiots"...they just happened to have "marketing" on their business card.
Cut through the BS and ask your vendors to put their products up on Xuropa so you can try them out for yourself.
Nice skit by the way.
- James

Daniel said...

I laughed me head off at this video because it's so true. I'm often offended when marketing creates words not found in the dictionary. I say, just give it to me straight without creating a new word. Or in EDA terms, tell me what you have to offer without using any TLMs (Three Letter Acronyms).

Anonymous said...

LOL - Oh, my dear, trust me. We marketers have NO desire to be engineers. We escape at the end of the day to write our blogs about the amusing things "those engineers" say and do. You, on the other hand, spent considerable time creating a cute video that says...nothing, really, although it made me smile. You must want to be in marketing! Always room for another creative mind, although you'll need a bit of an attitude adjustment...