Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Synopsys Lynx, a New Old Product

I'm at SNUG this week. I'll try to post more of a trip report after the fact. Aart's keynote speech yesterday was very listenable, as always. But I didn't feel there were a lot of major announcements or new insights.

One of the new announcements was a surprise to me: a flow management system called "Lynx". There's no way I can describe it better than harry … the ASIC guy � Synopsys Lynx Design System Debuts at SNUG.

I'm curious to learn more about it -- there's a SNUG session on it tomorrow. I'm a sucker for a pretty GUI, and I love automation. But I wonder how much business opportunity there is for this -- what is the target customer, and what is the value to them? Many large companies may already have something in place. But for a company just starting up a flow, this could be a quick start to "best practices" results.

Just don't call it a Framework!


Jeremy Ralph said...

Hi John,
I too am curious about Lynx. Why the framework objection?

SolidState said...

Jeremy said it well - would love to have more info, and what's your beef with frameworks? :)

John said...

Touchy! Did I say anything bad about Frameworks?

I am alluding to the history of Framework products in EDA -- they haven't been very successful as far as I know.

I just Googled "CAD Framework Initiative", and the first hit is for Si2, which "changed its name from CFI". See, even they didn't wan't to be called a Framework! ;-)

Harry Gries said...

I've added some more info on Lynx on my blog at http://theasicguy.com/2009/03/18/lynx-design-system-its-the-flow-stupid/

Anonymous said...

Any comparisons with Atrenta's 1Team-Genesis (http://www.atrenta.com/solutions/products/1team_genesis.htm) ?

Anonymous said...

Hello. Any one interested in this learning project? or if anyone has completed this project contact me ASAP by sending me a mail on jigsaw.18june@gmail.com or post it here


Below is the project statement :

Design a microprocessor based EPROM programmer to program 2716.The EPROM can be programmed by applying 25V at VPP and 5V at OE pin. Initially all data of EPROM will be 1's and the user should make the bits zero selectively. The bit parallel data is applied to the data output pins (D0-D7). The address for the EPROM is provided through the address pins. To program the address of each location to be programmed should be stable for 55ms.When address and data are stable, a 50ms active high pulse is applied to CE input.

Harry Gries said...


As I understand, Atrenta's 1-Team Genesis tool is used to specify the interconnection of IP blocks and automatically generate RTL code. For instance, you can take 2 IPs that have USB 2.0 interfaces and specify that they connect and the tool knows how to connect all the relevant pins.

Lynx is an RTL2GDSII flow, so it starts where 1-Team Genesis leaves off.

Hope that helps,