Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cost-Reducing IEEE

Two years ago, in better economic times, I wrote a post Wondering about the IEEE, questioning whether being an IEEE member worth the US$140 dues.

Now, of course, the economy is in worse shape, my company is cost-reducing with a vengence, and IEEE membership is up to $169 (a 20% increase by my calculator). To put it politely, what is the IEEE thinking? It's like some government bureacracy run amok, growing on auto-pilot.

All of the concerns about benefits vs. cost, and the unease of not having a home for ASIC design and EDA, still exist. Now the cost has risen much faster than inflation and money is tighter. Time for us to part ways, until "some sunny day". (cue Vera Lynn/Pink Floyd)


Jonathan David, PACE Volunteer said...

I'm guessing you're not a member of any of the societies, or the numbers you quote would be higher.

Yet, even I wonder how the IEEE can survive in an era where of nearly free media, and low friction "meetups"

NOt sure strength in numbers really helps in this business.

Anonymous said...

I saw the cost increase, figured it was not worth it. My company was paying the bill so far. This year I would have been reluctant to ask company for $140 given the scale of cost cutting going on. I did not renew.

As an EDA developer, I think $140 brings very little benefits.