Thursday, November 13, 2008

ICCAD Presents Bloggers

We had a great "Birds of a Feather" meeting after ICCAD last evening. Sean Murphy did a superb job organizing and running the meeting. We had a good turnout of bloggers, wannabee bloggers, journalists, consultants, PR folks. Two of the topics that generated a spirited discussion were

  1. Are individual bloggers and "corporate" bloggers in different categories? Some in the audience felt that corporate bloggers must feel constraints from their corporate sponsor. Most of the corporate bloggers asserted that they were in fact independent, and could write what they wanted.
  2. What's the difference between a journalist and a blogger? This can be debated from many directions. It was even part of a Supreme Court case! From my perspective, they are different. Although journalists can also blog, independent (and part-time) bloggers such as myself find great benefit in dedicated, professional journalism. Many of my posts riff on articles from EETimes or EDN, for example.

    A typical blogger is more like a columnist than a reporter. It's essential to recognize and respect the difference between objective reporting (fair and balanced!) and the offering of opinions.

For the record, here's the "lightning talk" presentation that I gave. I thought I'd share it with my readers, and it's also a chance to try out this slick new Slideshare widget for embedding presentations.

ICCAD Blogging Birds of a Feather
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: cad eda)


John said...

Great post John!

Interesting that the hot topics last night are similar to those at DAC. Hopefully we'll get past those next time to some more 'nuts n bolts' issues.

Love the slideshare widget! We should get everyone to post theirs! What kind of reaction did you get to the 'team blogging' idea?


Bob said...

Hi John,

Thanks for posting this- I really appreciate it. I wish I could've been there.

I liked the content in your slides and the embedded technology. Well done.

-Bob Dwyer (Cadence)

John said...


There was no reaction on the "Team Blogging" remark. But I felt there is interest in some kind of community or users' forum.

James Colgan, the CEO of Xuropa was there and felt that his site addressed a lot of our interests. I plan to check it out.

I would be interested in something like opening up your DFT Forum to all EDA topics, not just DFT. How do you think that would go? What's been your experience with the forum so far?



Aditya Ramachandran said...

Good presentation (and love the slideshare widget). Hopefully more people will start to use embedded media in the EDA/VLSI blogger community now.

John said...

Hi John,

Interesting about the forum vs. team blogging. I actually think both are important. I've been to Xuropa, and maybe I haven't spent enough time there, but it seemed to me to be a focused networking site, but with vendor presentations added. I'll have to re-look...

DFT Forum is going pretty well. We're getting more participation as time goes on. It takes time. I'll e-mail you with more detail this week sometime - your idea has possibilities.


Jerry said...

Hi John,

Very nice post. The slideshow widget and the content (highlighting your Blogging history) was quite interesting.

Thanks for sharing this!

Jerry "GenPart" (Cadence)

KarenB said...

It was a pleasure to meet you, John. I've been one of your subscribers for quite a while. I enjoyed the BoF.

-Karen Bartleson, fellow blogger
author, The Standards Game