Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Herb Reiter Tells the History of PrimeTime

In SKMurphy--Herb Reiter Interview on Fostering Static Timing Analysis Adoption, Herb Reiter talks about his career through the formative years of ASIC and EDA businesses. At Synopsys, he was instrumental in helping to define PrimeTime, and in particular in ensuring that PrimeTime was adopted and supported by the very influential ASIC vendors.

Looking back, times were simpler for EDA vendors when there were dominant ASIC vendors to define design methodology. Now, with the proliferation of fabless semiconductor design houses and the COT (customer owned tooling) hand-off model, it's harder to focus on a few key adopters, get their "sign-off certified" blessing, and reap the rewards as their customers flock to the anointed tools.

We know the result of the story--PrimeTime is the de facto standard static timing tool in the industry, and has been for over 10 years. Although in some respects PrimeTime is showing its age and could be vulnerable to competition, it is one of Synopsys' best-designed, most flexible, and robust tools.

On a personal note, I've known Herb Reiter since those MOTIVE and PrimeTime days, and he's a real professional and a gentleman. He really does seek to foster "win-win" relationships between his EDA clients and chip design companies. It's nice to see him getting publicity, and the opportunity to shed light on the development and roll-out of successful EDA products.

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Anonymous said...

This article - - in one line, describes a slightly darker Primetime/Motive relationship.

A rumor that I oft heard.. from various different sources.