Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stop Me Before I Schwag Again

Just got back from the TSMC Technology Symposium. I'll think about what I can share from that always-valuable event. But what I have on my mind, in the wake of Earth Day, is the schwag that us engineers accumulate, and how we just can't stop it!
  • Another conference, another tote bag. My closet is overflowing! And, another non-recyclable badge lanyard that will have to be thrown out. I wish that conference organizers would "think green" and give out less "junk", and distribute reusable or recyclable merchandise. Of course, I need to look in the mirror as well. Why can't I say "No" to this stuff? I'm making some progress in turning down trinkets, but it requires eternal vigilance.
  • Will engineers do anything for a T-shirt? Although I love them, my home is overflowing with shirts from vendors and from runs and rides that I go on. I've become more discriminating: a vendor's white t-shirt won't make the grade, nor will colored ones with a non-clever design. What I am amazed by is how easily I can give these shirts away to other engineers. I put a vendor's black t-shirt out in the break room with a "Free Shirt!" Post-It note. Within five minutes, it disappeared! I have successfully followed the mantra Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In the words of Fake Steve Jobs, namaste.

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