Saturday, February 09, 2008

EDA Slowdown? What Slowdown?

Coming one week after Cadence announced a weak outlook and the stock cratered, we have Rajeev Madhavan, Magma founder and CEO, telling investors
[Regarding] the economy and its impact on our industry and our customers: We do not believe the economy is having a significant impact on our business. Our customers continue to invest in Magma tools because they provide the most productivity. Magma grows by taking market share and does not rely on overall EDA industry growth. We continue to provide new products that expand our total available market and as long as these products increase customer productivity, Magma will continue to take market share.

-- Magma F3Q08 (Qtr End 12/31/07) Earnings Call Transcript - Seeking Alpha

Ouch, talk about kicking your competitors when they're down! As you can see by this chart, LAVA has outperformed its major competitors and the general market over the last year, though in today's market, that means they've only produced a 3.6% gain.

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