Friday, July 28, 2006

Cooley's Must See List for DAC 2006

It's unfortunate I didn't see this before going to DAC, but EDA Gadfly John Cooley posted an extensive Must See List for DAC 2006.

John's list is quite long, spread out over 24 categories. Rather than being very discriminating, it's more of a concise summary of all that's new and significant at DAC.

Companies Common to Cooley and Busco Lists

  • Altos - Statistical timing characterization
  • Apache - IR drop analysis.
  • Athena - simultaneous timing closure (post-route)
  • Azuro - low power clock implementation
  • ChipVision - Low-power ESL design
  • Extreme DA - Statistical STA
  • Forte - SystemC synthesis
  • Magma - Talus implementation system, Blast Fusion design closure
  • Prolific - post P&R timing optimization
  • Sierra DA - physical synthesis & routing.
  • Zenasis - custom cell generation for timing optimization

Companies Common to Cooley, Smith, and Busco Lists

  • Apache
  • Forte Design Systems
  • Magma DA
  • Sierra DA

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