Thursday, October 28, 2010

There's a New Supercomputer in Town

Well, not in my town, but China has made a great leap forward to nab the lead in the Top 500 Supercomputer list, as described in NVIDIA Tesla GPUs Power World's Fastest Supercomputer

It's exciting to see GPU Computing gaining traction and accolades for certain highly parallel applications. I'm anxiously looking forward to GPU Computing helping to solve EDA problems. So far, there's been some nibbling around the edges and algorithms experimented with, but I'm not aware of production EDA products based on GPU. Yet. What EDA applications would most benefit from massively parallel processing, such as is offered by a GPU?

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Richard Goering said...

There was a DAC keynote speech last year on this topic by William Dally of nVidia: He talked about the advantages of “throughput optimized” GPU architectures for EDA applications. However, we haven’t seen much EDA activity in this space. GPUs can be massively parallel, but you still run into Amdahl’s Law – that which cannot be parallelized slows the whole thing down. The greatest advantage would be for applications with very limited interactivity.