Thursday, August 26, 2010

Synopsys F3Q2010 Earnings & Focus

I don't read all the EDA companies' investor reports and analysis, but the transcript of Synopsys CEO Discusses F3Q2010 Results - Earnings Call gives you a concise view of Synopsys' recent successes and future emphases.

Top themes:

  • IP. The DesignWare team is chugging along with significant and growing business, augmented by the Virage Logic acquisition.
  • Systems
  • FPGA Prototyping

Product-wise, Aart emphasized their custom design competitor to Virtuoso, which I don't find super exciting. It's always nice to have a more modern implementation of a workhorse tool, but not earth shattering. Synopsys bread and butter tools, which pay the paychecks, didn't get much air time.

I think some of the market share claims could be misinterpreted (90% of 32 nanometer chips), but that's standard fare for the ways vendors advertise this.

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