Friday, April 30, 2010

SCDsource & EDA technologies to watch out for at DAC 2010

The EDA/Semiconductor web site SCDsource is going away on May 7, but if you click now, you can read their preview of EDA technologies to watch out for at DAC 2010.

In the interest of preserving history, I'll list their picks here.

  • Forte Cynthesizer
  • Mentor Catapult C
  • Wind River/Cadence Simics/Incisive Integration (Why does Cadence always have the most cumbersome product names? They must name them by committee, and everyone gets to add a word!)
  • Oasys RealTime Designer
  • Jasper DA JasperGold
  • OneSpin Solutions 360 MV
  • Magma Tekton
  • Silicon Frontline F3D and R3D
  • Sigrity PowerDC Thermal


Nadav said...

Hi John,

You mentioned Mentor Catapult C, so I wanted to bring up, which is a free website for synthesizing C code into Verilog. It has a really advanced pipelining algorithm straight from the academia. What do you think ?

Richard said...

John -- just to clarify, "Wind River/Cadence Simics/Incisive Integration" is not a product name, it's a capability. The reference is to a link between the Simics virtual platform environment and the Incisive Software Extensions product, as well as the Palladium XP emulator/accelerator.