Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Are You Listening?

When I'm out and about doing chores or exercising, chances are I'll be listening to my iPod. But more often than not, I'm listening to podcasts rather than music. Listening to podcasts is an efficient way of "reading on the go". You can catch up on the latest news stories, political opinions, or investment ideas. Those are my interests; you can find a podcast on practically any topic.

Have you listened to podcasts? Which are your favorites? In our field of semiconductor engineering, there's not a wealth of content. But here are some of my favorite engineering/technology podcasts to get you started.

  1. IEEE Spectrum Podcast, which is described at Podcast Picks.
  2. Science Friday by Ira Flatow. A classic high-quality program from NPR.
  3. Security Now by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. It's mainly about computer security, but you can also learn the latest on PC software and networking by listening.

It's easiest to subscribe through iTunes, but there are other ways using the RSS feed and a "podcast catcher" program. Happy listening!

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