Thursday, February 26, 2009

EDA, Dead or Alive

Almost as good as attending the DVCon panel EDA: Dead or Alive? is reading Mike Demler's notes at The World is Analog: EDA: Dead or Alive? Apparently this is the successor to John Cooley's infamous Troublemakers panel.

Peggy said EDA tools are overpriced? Huh! How about giving me a quality product that doesn't crash so often! Makes Microsoft Office look like mission-critical software. [a pet peeve of mine which I hope to expand on in a future post]


John said...

Mike's post was a very good wrap-up indeed. Myself, I watched the whole thing unfold *live* via Twitter, courtesy of, for the most part, JL Gray and Karen Bartleson...

That was quite a different experience...


Anonymous said...

Oh and did you read Will Synopsys take over the world? (

I especially thought this part

Now, Valera said, Cadence is hearing from customers that they are rooting for the company to right the ship so they won't have to become increasingly beholden to Synopsys.

to be very hilarious. It is fantasy to be hoping for corporate white knights bailing out ailing EDA companies in the name of free trade.

What do YOU think John - Will fabs absorb EDA companies into their fold?