Monday, December 10, 2007

Cadence Cutting

Sounds like some cutbacks are happening at Cadence. There's this post on the Yahoo! message board, and also rumors of cancellation of a "high-profile" project. I don't follow the stock closely, but it dropped over 20% in the past six weeks, much worse than its EDA peers. The stock price drop coincides with their last quarterly earnings report. These are always hard for me as an engineer to decipher. It says nothing about Cadence's technology, and is all about a "new licensing model". I just know that if I had a nickel for every time an EDA vendor changed their licensing model, my kid might be getting a PlayStation 3 for Christmas. ;-)

Anyone know details of what's happening at Cadence? I wonder how other EDA vendors faring with projects and hiring?

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Sandeep said...

I can confirm that people are being laid off even in the India Dev Center - not surprising considering the 15% appreciation of the Rupee vs the Dollar.

Not sure if this is applicable worldwide.