Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yahoo! EDA!

Does Yahoo! understand the EDA industry? I have the headlines from their EDA News News Archive - Yahoo! Finance in "My Yahoo!". But most of the time, even a very liberal definition of "EDA" doesn't explain why these articles are here. I can understand including foundries, IP vendors, and even programmable logic companies. But how to understand the inclusion of U.S. Department Of Commerce Makes Annual Adjustments to Seasonal Factors for ISM Manufacturing PMI and Diffusion Indexes and ISM Non-Manufacturing Diffusion Indexes or Roche Diagnostics and Protedyne Sign Global Agreement?

I thought these industry news groupings have a human editor, but it makes you wonder ...


Anonymous said...

Hah! Pretty funny - I use Google News Alerts, myself, and have a similar problem. I troll for design-for-test stuff, and have learned that:

DFT: is really more often 'Department for Transport', or 'Driving Fitness Test'.

BIST: a German word for "are"

"test compression": often appears in a list of automotive tests

...and more people, in their web content, misspell 'still' as 'stil' than actually mention STIL (Standard Test Interface Language).

Go figure.

John Ford

John said...

Yes, so many acronyms are overloaded. When I first started using news clipping services, I was surprised the HDL isn't usually Hardware Description Language, but "high density lipoproteins" (good cholesterol). Now, as I get older, I'm becoming familiar with that HDL definition. :-)