Thursday, January 26, 2006

SNUG: Synopsys Users Group - San Jose Conference at a Glance

SNUG is coming! The flagship San Jose Synopsys Users' Group meeting starts on March 20, 2006. Here is the conference schedule.

I've always felt this is the best conference for the "in the trenches" chip design engineer. It's very practical, with good tutorials, keynotes, and a healthy dose of user papers.

As I was signing up this year, I noticed that almost all the sessions I signed up for were Panels or Tutorials, not User Sessions. I wonder if the conference schedule is shifted away from user papers this year, or if my interests just happen to be with the other topics. It would be interesting to look at the split of types of sessions over the years. Well, not so interesting that I'm actually going to do the study, though. ;-)

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Sandeep said...

When you are done, post the papers, sessions, etc. that you liked best. That should be interesting